The New
Way to Gift

PrezentBox is for parents who are tired of receiving gifts their kids don’t need.

We are an online gifting platform that enables family & friends to contribute funds that go toward your child’s sport, creative, or educational activity fees.

PrezentBox is FREE for families & gift givers to use.

Looking For The Perfect Gift?

For All Occasions

Use PrezentBox for birthdays, festive gifting, religious milestones, or just because a special someone wants to contribute

No More Unnecessary Gifts

Empower your family & friends to give a gift that will inspire your child to learn & grow

Registered Activity Providers

Redeem your contributed funds with any of our approved Activity Providers

How It Works

  1. Sign Up And Create Your Family Profile

    Signing up only takes a few minutes and our platform is completely free for families to use

  2. Create An Event

    Enter all the details, then share your unique link with family and friends so they can start making contributions

  3. Redeem Your Contributions

    Your available funds can be redeemed with any of our registered Activity Providers so your child can enjoy their
    favourite activities

  4. Repeat

    You can create as many events as you like as there are a variety of ways PrezentBox can be used as a more meaningful Gifting option for your kids every year

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Some Other Awesome Things

  • National Platform

    We're here to offer an alternate gifting option that all families and gift givers right across Australia can benefit from

  • Giving Kids Access To Opportunities

    Don't allow the high cost of living to get in the way of your child participating in extracurricular activities

  • Reduce Screen Time On Devices

    Aussie kids spend approximately 2.75 hours per day on screen related activities

  • Encourage Participation

    Be part of a national movement that actively drives participation, promotes healthy, active lifestyles and lifelong learning for kids

  • Promote Sustainability

    Reduce plastics waste from unnecessary gifts and instead invest in our children’s growth and development pathways


FAQ's - Families

Why Should I Use PrezentBox?

We’re all about providing your family & friends with a more meaningful gifting option that allows them to invest in your child’s growth & development through extracurricular activities

What Is A Contribution?

A Contribution is when a family member or friend deposits funds into your child’s PrezentBox account which you can then use to redeem with any of our registered Activity Providers

Will My Contributions Ever Expire?

No. There are no expiration dates on your available funds. You can receive and redeem at your leisure

Can I Cash Out?

The simple answer is no. Our strict regulations mean that all contributions you receive have to be redeemed with our registered Activity Providers. We liken PrezentBox to a savings account that can only be used to pay for your child’s extracurricular activity costs – and it also gives gift givers 100% confidence knowing that their contributions are going to be invested into the recipient child

How Do I Get Family & Friends To Contribute?

Glad you asked – it’s so easy. Simply create an event in your dashboard, this will then generate a unique link that you can share with family & friends who can them make contributions toward your child’s extracurricular activity interests

How Do I Redeem My Funds?

We have made this really easy for you – simply select your child, the amount you wish to redeem, then select your Activity Provider from our database and hit ‘Confirm Redemption’. Your Activity Provider will then be notified and they will either approve or decline your request. You can monitor the status of your request in ‘My Redemptions’ and you will also be notified by email confirming the outcome of your redemption when actioned by the Activity Provider

Can I Transfer Funds Between My Children?

Unfortunately no. Our platform is all about investing in the futures of Aussie kids and any contributions received for a child can only be redeemed for that child and is non-transferable

What Happens When My Child Turns 18?

Our platform caters to children 0-17 years of age. We strongly recommend that you redeem all of your remaining funds before they turn 18 as per our User Agreement

What Is A Registered Activity Provider?

We take our partnerships seriously and all Activity Providers who wish to join our platform will undergo a strict verification process to ensure our families are only dealing with legitimate providers to redeem their funds with

What If My Activity Provider Isn’t Registered On PrezentBox?

If your favourite Activity Provider isn’t registered on our platform we encourage you to speak with them to let them know that you would like to see them on PrezentBox. Alternatively, you can let us know the Activity Provider’s details by emailing us at and we will contact them directly to get them onboarded

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